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 Fallen Bow

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PostSubject: Fallen Bow   Fri May 14, 2010 3:14 am

Available to: Fallen Angels
Occupations: Only archers.
Weapon: Bow
Name: Fallen bow

Description: A very rare weapon, created by the fallen gods. It is made by things that are not from this world and has a string that can only be seen by its weilder. The Fallen Bow was made for this use of only one weilder all other that try to hold this bow will be put into a state of coma. The Fallen Bow also has the ability that it doesn't need arrows the bow shoots the type of arrow the wielder desires.

Appareance: A black bow that was forged in the fires of hell and made from materials unknown to anyone or anything except for the fallen angel god it carries a orb on both ends of the bow colors are black and red each carry a soul of a different monster the black one carries a soul of a vampire and the red is of a dragon giving it fire powers.

{picture coming soon}
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Fallen Bow
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