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 What Is Strawberry Shampoo?

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PostSubject: What Is Strawberry Shampoo?   Fri Mar 21, 2014 9:48 am

Strawberry shampoo is a hair washing product that smells of strawberries. In some cases, strawberry shampoo is actually made with pieces of strawberry fruit, but any scent is usually artificial. The smell known commonly as “strawberry” in cosmetics and candies bears little resemblance to either the taste or smell of the actual fruit. It is also generally quite expensive to extract scent from the berries, and without some defined benefit, manufacturers often determine that it is simply not worth it. Strawberries carry virtually no cosmetic or medicinal value, which makes their addition to hair products essentially insignificant.Please visit our website for more details:- strawberry cosmetics
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What Is Strawberry Shampoo?
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