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 The New Emperor; Wesley Gregory

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PostSubject: The New Emperor; Wesley Gregory   Sun May 16, 2010 8:54 am

Prince The Fallen, and Princess Nia of the Fallen Angels has been captured by the King of Drakens, Rhelic Cylisium, Dante and his band of Crusaders, and "The Emperor" Wesley Gregory. An era of deaths has surfaced in the past two days (icly) because of these people. They wish to turn the land from separated kingdoms to an organized Empire. The races that refuse, would be extinct in a matter of days. Their first example, the Fallen Angels. If the King and Queen do not oblige to surrendering their race to the Empire under Wesley Gregory's foot, then their children will be killed, and their race will be destroyed. Be wise, and follow Wesley Gregory and his team into a better world.

Nia Being helpless, and btw I did this correctly I just forgot to do screenshots so I did it over

Fallen being Helpless. Again I did the cage validly I forgot to screenie so yeah.

If The King Or Queen doesn't respond to our threat, we will kill them both, we already killed their child.
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The New Emperor; Wesley Gregory
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